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  • 9 September, 2014
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Roithers Legal Group launches new website

In order to approach every person, company or institution, Roithers Legal Group offers a new website in which the legal firm offers and responds to the new challenges and requirements inherent in a socioeconomic context changing, creating hour news channel, updated and keep your users up to date on the legal and doctrinal developments occurring in the world of law.

Roithers Legal Group as firm offering specialized legal services tailored to the needs of each client, offers this new space is called to be the meeting point between the needs and requirements of each person and legal excellence, professional expertise, innovation facilities, methods of knowledge management and cross the conception of law as trough vocation, technical and legal excellence is, in short, which means Roithers Legal Group.

Among the highlights of the new website, we can note the following:

– Landing Page

Using this terminology of digital marketing, which refers to the “Welcome Page”, when the user accesses the web of Roithers Legal Group can choose to access content in a conventional manner or in an intuitive way and adapted to the new forms and navigation devices, providing the user access to content through a form of standardization based Metro interface.

– Dynamic Web

Roithers Legal Group offers a living entity that evolves in the same measure that makes the firm and the world of law, creating a reference for the user both in terms of image, location and services of the firm as compared necessary to constantly update today suffers all around the legal field.

– Social Plug-ins

The importance of which are creditors of social networks in the new channels of information is the reason why the new Web of Roithers Legal Group includes Social Plug-ins for each of your post current news, in order that it can Sharing content via social networks and make your content come immediately to their final recipients.

– Adapted to mobile devices

Data access internet through mobile devices highlight the importance of web pages are not visible only from phones and tablets but are adapted to, for this reason the new Web of Roithers Legal Group has its mobile web version so that the page is structured differently depending on the device from which you access in order to facilitate user access and web browsing.

– Usability

Find the information sought, the internal search with the expected location, the images are commensurate with the context or the convenience of accessing the different sections are an important part in the design of the Web of Roithers Legal Group and all under the premise it is necessary for customers and users to find what they want and do it the best way.
These are just some of the developments that can be seen in the development of the new Web of Roithers Legal Group, and always considering what drives the firm’s commitment to the customer.


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