Telephone inquiries

Telephone inquiries (1,21€/min fixed network, 1,57€/min mobile network. VAT included) – 807 403 355

If you prefer to pay for the time necessary to resolve an inquiry, or need the advice of an lawyer immediately to make a decision of no return (settlements, friendly parties, family law, etc.), you only pay for the time you talk. The charge will be made directly to your phone bill.

Through this additional billing telephone service we offer a quick, convenient and economical way for you to receive advice for legal questions that may arise. Your inquiry will be answered directly by one of our lawyers, no waiting, and will not have any other than the own call charge. Should you not receive a response at the time, we pledge that the lawyer who has handled call you back at no extra cost to you, giving you more accurate response to your case.

According to the ad hoc legislation, the call has a maximum duration of 30 minutes. Hours: Monday through Thursday from 10-14 hours and 17-20 hours, Friday from 10-14 hours, according to the working calendar in Madrid. Maximun price per minute: 1,21€ from fixed network; and 1,57€ from mobile network, including taxes. The first 15 seconds of the call have no charge, which will be used by VIRTUAL ROITHERS to inform locution by the conditions to which we are referring, giving a period of 5 seconds after the exhibition courtesy of the conditions.

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