roithers legal group

Roithers Legal Group

Roithers Legal Group is configured as a legal group in whose bosom coexist different forms to practice law according to the needs of each customer and better meet the interests of each person, company or institution.

The parent company of the group is a prestigious law firm providing at the national level legal services to a significant portfolio of clients by combining knowledge, innovation and expertise that can only provide the structure a great law firm, with the values of legal craft, proximity, technical rigor and excellence of the best individualized legal solution.

Parallel to this traditional conception of legal services, and in order to respond to the emerging role played years ago new technologies and in particular e-commerce products and services, transforming it into its present, Roithers Legal Group has undertaken the work of providing legal services in which maintaining the requirements of technical rigor, knowledge, innovation and expertise, adapts the traditional legal profession to pick the dynamism, flexibility, closeness and immediacy that require new forms of trade through ROITHERS VIRTUAL.

In order to meet and approach each customer Roithers Legal Group stands as a link between the collection and legal tradition preserved by its parent company, and innovation and modernity of a legal profession adapted to modern times that directly provides Roithers Legal Group through ROITHERS VIRTUAL coordinating all human and material resources available to the Group in Spain, with offices in La Coruna, Madrid, Santiago de Compostela and Vigo, as workers campaign firms located in Australia, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Egypt, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Uruguay and Venezuela.


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