roithers legal group

Roithers Legal Group provides comprehensive legal services to individuals and groups adapted to the necessities of each customer, offering quality services, under the principles of effectiveness, efficiency and excellence in dealing with the customer.

Also Roithers Legal Group, maintains and reinforces the notes of legal crafts, proximity, technical rigor and legal excellence that can only be achieved as being integrated into the structure formed by a legal group as part of the management methods of the transverse knowledge, innovation and specialty becomes their primary objective is to offer each customer the best individual solution.

Roithers Legal Group has as one of its main goals, bring the figure of the lawyer to all citizens by providing its customers with modern and innovative facilities located in A Coruña, Madrid, Santiago de Compostela and Vigo as well as their campaign workers in around the world; that is Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Egypt, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Uruguay and Venezuela.


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