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Roithers Legal Group conforms people that not only offer the best legal solution to every problem, but looking at all times build trust, without which it would not be possible to carry out proper advice. Professionals seeking firm customer interaction, knowledge of the company’s business, understanding the process of the institution and the control over the work area and aims to ultimately meet people. The firm relies on professionals integrate, and these in turn generate, based on hard work and empathy, trust that everyone has to deposit in the professional responsible for providing legal advice.


Dynamism and Legal Craft

Roithers Legal Group is based on the talent of professionals you concur notes legal craftsmanship acquired firms greater national and international recognition and dynamism that brings youth, which has been able to develop his own style on legal advice. The conjunction between the perfectly manicured writings, both in form and substance, with concrete, practical and useful response, including a comprehensive study of a particular case, with the mental agility that require certain areas of the law, is the sum of which is a distinctive style of the professionals in the team Roithers Legal Group.



Roithers Legal Group Roithers Legal Group is made by professionals who put on the skin of each person who comes to any of the offices of the firm, regardless of the activity, the individual, the company, the sector or condition. The high degree of commitment to each of them, is an involvement in the situation of those suffering from a particular legal or company or institution requiring a legal solution in any field problem. It is precisely when the firm professionals empathize with the person, company, institution and your problem, when you can face a collateral legal advice.


Honesty and loyalty

Roithers Legal Group is comprised of professionals who believe that without honesty and loyalty could not implement any activity, much less legal, since it is based on the confidence that the lay person in Law in a professional legal knowledge. Transparency and honesty are a high in Roithers Legal Group and all the staff that integrates the firm. The continuous flow of information to customers, and between legal departments are essential to meet customer interests.



The departmental structure of Roithers Legal Group can offer specialized services in Procedural Law and Arbitration, Civil Law, Commercial and Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Labor Law, Administrative Law, Tax Law, Community and International Law and New Technologies and personal data privacy, creating a range of specialties covering the entire legal system.

The firm specializes in providing legal advice to institutions, companies and individuals, conducting specialized preventive advice on any particular matter affecting the client’s business that is committed to excellence in legal services offered Roithers Legal Group.


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