New technologies and protection of personal data

In a changing society, where the computing and telecommunications play an increasingly decisive role in all areas, especially in the legal, Roithers Legal Group provides necessary for the institution, company or person can focus on your business security. The legal and technological outsourcing is the specialty of the firm, so that its professionals are integrated into the company’s business, for innovation and creating protected flow. To do this, the firm conducts an assurance of personal data, strengthens the client’s brand, custody and know-how to check your ad ultimately the client is accompanied on his business project campaigns.

In an area of legal practice that stands in creditor of a high degree of specialization, professionals Roithers Legal Group provide the best advice in the following areas:

  • E-commerce
    Economic activity on the Internet is affected by a wide and changing legislation. Know and take advantage of one of the keys to success on the Web The online presence of a corporate web site, the development of portals and social networks, for example, are becoming more common realities that involve the need to address numerous legal issues : Internet law, hiring, consumers and users or resellers, among others. Roithers Legal Group, knowing that the current socio-economic context has become the Internet presence a business necessity, provides comprehensive advice on the following questions:

    • Law and the Internet
    • Electronic procurement
    • Consumers and Users
    • Legal assistance in sanction and disciplinary proceedings


  • Personal Data Protection Law
    Roithers Legal Group carried out the implementation of the Organic Law 15/1999 on Protection of Personal Data of individual institutions, authorities and organizations, internalizing respect for privacy in all its processes and achieving not only a satisfactory compliance, but conceived tailored to the needs of each client, thus making the performance of an obligation into a competitive advantage.


  • Telecommunications
    In a hyper-regulated market, as is the telecommunications, having highly specialized legal advice is vital, and this given that it is a strategic sector that, in turn, has gradually become the most questioned by consumers and one that supports higher pressure from the administration.


  • Intellectual property law
    Intellectual property faces an unprecedented threat manifested especially as hacking, and that the law requires all operators to seek answers to two questions: Are the businesses assets protected, do they benefit the works of authorship, or the rights to it, adequate legal coverage? Roithers Legal Group provides specialized legal service oriented foresee conflicts, meet needs and plan actions to safeguard business assets and copyrights. Focus your service to full coverage from the dangers posed by new technologies and criminal action regarding software, recordings, photographs and audiovisual recordings.


  • Right of publicity
    Direct marketing and merchandising we have moved to digital signage and behavioural targeting, as a change attendant upon important legal consequences that go unnoticed for many operators if there is no proper legal advice. Managing advertising efforts cannot properly convert a profitable campaign into a serious problem: violation of consumer rights, claims or deceptive or unfair complaints data protection.
    Roithers Legal Group protects the image and prestige of the companies counting from the beginning with the expert advice and the protection of his interests.