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Why Roithers Legal Group?

Roithers Legal Group is configured as a legal group in whose bosom coexist different forms to practice law according to the needs of each customer and better meet the interests of each person, company or institution.

The parent company of the group is a prestigious law firm providing at the national level legal services to a significant portfolio of clients by combining knowledge, innovation and expertise that can only provide the structure a great law firm, with the values of legal craft, proximity, technical rigor and excellence of the best individualized legal solution.

The incipient role played years ago new technologies and in particular e-commerce products and services, transforming it into our present, forced to have attacked Roithers Legal Group the work in parallel to provide some legal services that maintain the demands of technical rigor, knowledge, innovation and expertise, will adapt the traditional legal profession to pick the dynamism, flexibility, closeness and immediacy that require new forms of commerce through VIRTUAL ROITHERS, providing legal services throughout the territory national.

As a counterpoint to the dynamism and flexibility of VIRTUAL ROITHERS, the parent company of the group, which preserves and enhances the notes of traditional law, has used the partnership agreement as a form of expansion throughout the country. PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT juridically constructed between franchise of lawyers and partnership agreement between offices like figure who enjoys the best accommodation in the exercise of a profession in which professional aptitudes are erected as a pillar to provide the best legal service and ensuring the fidelity of a portfolio of clients that undertakes with the individual and their way of doing and not to a certain brand.


Who do is directed Roithers Legal Group?

The PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT is intended for lawyers with a solid academic record who are disposer to start on a professional and personal project in a reference firm in the market for legal services.


What does it offer Roithers Legal Group?

Integration into Roithers Legal Group involves being part of a prestigious firm that makes available to its associates the following means:

  • The trade name of the parent entity of the Group.
  • The website of the parent company of the Group.
  • The image and corporate email.
  • Corporate Material (dossiers, cards, envelopes,etc.).
  • Records and Archives Management Programme.
  • Integral Advisory on the establishment of the business entity.
  • Individualized collaboration in the processing of each case.
  • The commercial policy of the firm.


What is the investment required to become part of Roithers Legal Group?

The integration into Roithers Legal Group is limited to the initial payment of a sum lump whose purpose is exclusively make the provision of goods, materials and indicated advice as lower than economic amount would have to face any professional who individually hired the services or seek such goods at the market price, as well as a reduced annual fee aimed at maintaining them.

Far from seeking a special profit similar to the franchise lawyers and consultants, and surpassing time, distance and lack of coordination of collaboration agreements, the most important for Roithers Legal Group is able to integrate its team of highly qualified professionals that contribute to making his best legal excellence throughout the entire territory, to build jointly by all legal firm to reach millions of persons; which is why in the CONVENTION ASSOCIATION no fee or royalty based billing or customer is not included because the philosophy of the firm on the matter is clear: The best asset of Roithers Legal Group are professionals that integrate and projecting confidence.

It makes no sense signing ASSOCIATION CONVENTION always entails a certain royalty or fee for a portfolio of clients that will create and retain associated, albeit with the support and the advantages presented as part of a brand that form part renowned jurists, with a determined structure, with various headquarters or certain material corporate, for example; and proving instrumental in maintaining and expanding such portfolio, being able to provide the best legal service to the have the support of the professionals of the firm in all aspects that are necessary, from the preparation of legal written until replacement in lawsuits, passing through all the legal aspects which require the associated the support of the group.


How can you get specific cost information, name of the parent firm, adequacy of the candidate, availability of location, etc.?

The person or entity interested in the terms of the Convention of Association can obtain the information they want by filling out the form below, to which the staff at Roithers Legal Group will contact the party concerned in order to complement the information and/or assess their candidature.






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