Financial and Taxation law

Companies and professionals are facing a very complex, changing and demanding regulatory environment which makes difficult the fiscal management of its activity. The thorough control by the authorities causes a high degree of conflict and excessive litigation in the tax area.

The advice provided by professionals of Roithers Legal Group in this area is oriented to optimize and monitor the fulfilment of their obligations, taking particular care to prevent and reduce the fiscal risk of its activity. It is also responsible for defends the interests of other taxable persons in any kind of conflict, with the various tax authorities.

On taxation, Roithers Legal Group has a highly specialized team and experienced in providing tax advisers in all kind of national and international products and transactions. Raises the taxation of their customers through personalized and initially planned, so that the results are effective and safe solutions.

  • Tax law
    • Personalized tax planning for companies, restructuring plans and acquisitions
    • Related transactions
    • International taxation
    • Estate planning
    • Tax inspections. Legal defence at administrative claims, lawsuits, tax inspections and economic-administrative procedures
    • Deferments/installments of debt payments
    • Tax responsibility file
    • Economic-administrative complaints
    • Economic-administrative procedures
    • General Directorate of Taxes consultations
    • Tax due diligence
    • General taxation


  • Accounting law
  • Company audit