European and international law

European law has increasingly significant implications in the area of domestic law and, therefore, an important significance in making business decisions. The current situation highlights the unstoppable internationalization of legal relations in many areas: contracts, corporate, family, probate, real estate, intellectual property, civil liability or aliens, among others. A constantly changing panorama that offers significant challenges.

The extent of the existing regulations, the plurality of related rights and complex case-law, forces legal operators to show a detailed knowledge of peculiarities of such situations, in order to provide a personalized and highly specialized assistance.

With strong involvement in the legal advice provided to national and international customers, especially those countries belonging to MERCOSUR. With the confidence granted of an organization prepared to provide a thorough and proven assistance, Roithers Legal Group consolidates its position in the field of national and international consultancy and invites all interested operators to meet and see the breadth and quality of its services.

The advice provided by the firm in European matters includes among others the following:

  • Monitoring, reporting and advising on European institutions matters
  • Compatibility study of domestic law with regard to European law (for Court appeals)
  • Technical assistance and defence for actions (brought) before the European Courts of Justice
  • Advise and manage/solve European case-law consequences
  • Advice on application and interpretation of European law
  • Complaints filing before the bodies of the European Union
  • Public procurement on European institutions
  • Defence of Antitrust matters in commercial contracts
  • Abuse of dominant position
  • Defence before antitrust authorities and courts
  • State aid rules
  • International procurement and trade rules
  • internationalization reports
  • Reports on International Private Law and audits on the companies international action
  • European Union Law
  • International successions
  • International Family Law
  • Nationality and Alienage Law