Employment law

Labor law is the branch of law that regulates the relationships established as a result of human labor and dependent employed. This is the set of legal rules that ensure compliance with the obligations of the parties to an employment relationship, defined as dependent activity that develops an individual on behalf of an employer in order to transform the external world, and by which obtained the material means or economic assets for their subsistence.

It is important to determine that there are several sources of labor law to develop and establish justice that is considered relevant. In particular, we would highlight the international treaties, the Constitution, laws, regulations, collective agreements or employment contracts.

Roithers Legal Group has highly qualified professionals in the field of Labour Law and Social Security, whose specialties highlight the following:

  • Employment contracts
  • Actions for debt and rights
  • Dimissals and labor sanctions
  • Geographical and occupational mobility
  • Substantial change in working conditions
  • Applications and work permit and extended leave of absence procedures
  • Collective redundancies and employment regulation order
  • Collective work struggle
  • Disabilities
  • Pension and retirement benefits
  • Legal advice in workplace harassment or mobbing
  • Trade union rights
  • Enterprise groups
  • Social Security
  • Advice and defense in offences against the labour law
  • Occupational risk prevention
  • Company restructurings
  • Assessment and processing of labour grants
  • Senior management contracts
  • Contractors and sub-contractors: illegal labour