Criminal law

Criminal law is the body of legal rules that governs the punitive power of the state. It describes facts relating strictly by law with a penalty, security measure or correction as a result of doing any act. Its aim is to ensure the basic values for healthy individuals living in a society. This body of law always refers to the offender, the crime and the punishment.

A distinction can be rated within the Criminal Law: The Substantive Criminal Law, and on the other hand, the Criminal Procedure Law adjective or criminal.

The substantive criminal law is also known as the penal code or criminal laws, and it’s composed by rules promulgated by the State. It describes the offenses and penalties. The Criminal Procedure Law is the set of rules establishing the how to apply those.

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  • Legal advice, defence and prosecution of all types of criminal proceedings regarding offences and faults of any type

  • Matters
    • Financial crimes: misappropriation, fraud, misrepresentation, business offences, money laundering, bankruptcy involving malpractice, forgeries
    • Crimes against the person:  serious or fatal injury, murder and manslaughter
    • Traffic offences: drunk driving, speeding, driving without license, contempt of the authorities, reckless driving, failure to render assistance.
    • Crimes against heritage: robbery, petty theft, receiving, criminal damages, forgery and using of false instruments
    • Crimes against the public health: traffic drugs
    • Political and administrative offences
    • Crimes against the public treasury: tax offences
    • Home violence crimes
    • Crimes against the environment and the urban development: against the territory planning
    • Crimes against the historical heritage.
    • Arson crimes
    • Crimes against liberty (threats, coercion, tortures, and illegal detention or kidnapping) and other offences against moral integrity
    • Crimes against honor: calumny and defamation
    • Crimes against social security and workers rights
    • Crimes against sexual freedom: sexual assault, stalking or other forms of abuse
    • Offences against privacy: discovery and revelation of secrets, breaking and entering
    • Offenses against family rights and duties: abandonment of family, unpaid pensions, child abduction
    • Intellectual Property crime
    • Crimes against foreigners
    • Offences against justice
    • Crimes against the Constitution
    • Crimes against the public order
    • Theft of the marital status, of public functions, intrusiveness
    • Other offenses
    • Criminal faults

  • Criminal remedies

  • Penitentiary system and deprivation of liberty