Commercial and Corporate Law

The commercial law is the branch of private law which regulates all the rules concerning trade in the exercise of their profession, commercial transactions legally qualified as such and the legal relationship arising from the implementation of these. This is, in broad terms, the branch of law that governs the course of trade by individual traders in the market.

The Roithers Legal Group commercial department is considered one of the most prestigious and most critically acclaimed Galician legal sectors. The professionals in the firm have participated in high-volume operations and technical complexity. Includes participation in private equity transactions, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions (including due diligence procedures) as well as in all types of corporate transactions.

Also, the services of the firm include all the functions of corporate counseling, preparation of deeds of all kinds of corporate transactions, and secretariat assistance boards and general meetings and the drafting of the relevant partnership agreements.

We have an established presence in the drafting and negotiation of contracts practice and in resolving any doubts or queries regarding the interpretation thereof.

In addition to the foregoing, the provision of services also includes advice on compliance with the regulations governing data protection, analysis, review and improvement, if any, of the existing files, and document security.

  • Company Law
    • Incorporation of companies (public limited companies, private limited companies, civil societies, cooperatives), Subsidiaries and and branches of companies
    • Statutory reforms and adaptations
    • Assistance Council secretariats
    • Corporate restructuring
    • Obligations and responsibilities of shareholders, partners and directors
    • Corporate resolutions
    • Increase/decrease in capitalization


  • Commercial contracting
    • Agency, commission, mandate, commercial mediation, distribution, franchise and supply contract
    • Licencies and outsourcing, engineering and factoring contracts
    • Works contracts and service contracts
    • Security interests and personal insurance
    • Association and collaboration contracts
    • Contracts of affreightment, leasing, renting and Leases for business premises
    • Different kind of sales contract like hire-purchase
    • Buying and selling of real property or business entities
    • Custodian Agreement
    • Advertising and sponsorship contracts
    • Deposits, pledges and mortgages


  • Commercial legal proceedings
    • Contractual and non-contractual liability
    • The responsibility of the directors
    • Professional responsibility
    • Corporate conflicts
    • Debt claims
    • Loan and mortgage guarantees
    • Bills of exchange, cheques and promissory notes
    • Debt payment and collection procedures
    • Execution of judicial and non-judicial titles
    • Challenging of company resolutions and board of directors decisions


  • Special processes
    • Competition law and antitrust
    • General contracting conditions
    • Unfair competition
    • Illicit advertising
    • Intellectual and industrial property
    • Community procedures


  • Arrangement with creditors: restructuring and insolvency proceedings
    • Representation of creditors and debtors in bankruptcy
    • Insolvency administrator


  • Banking and insurance law
    • Banking contracts
    • Credit institutions and finance companies
    • Bank guarantees
    • Intervention of Credit Institutions on the Securities Market
    • Insurance law
    • Rights of the insured person, policyholder and beneficiaries
    • Indemnity insurance
    • Personal insurance
    • Specific insurance
    • Pension schemes


  • Industrial property rights
    Intellectual property is a set of exclusive rights that protect both innovative activity manifested in new products, new processes or new designs, such as commercial activity by identifying exclusive products and services offered in the market, where are included the following matters:

    • Trademarks and trade names
    • Patents and industrial designs
    • Internet domain names
    • Protection of trade secrets and confidentiality
    • Due diligence


  • Competition Law
    Both large corporations and SMEs require adequate prevention, protection and defense that allows them to survive in the market and fend prices holding or predatory pricing, among many other risks can be found in Roithers Legal Group expert legal advice in the following areas:

    • Trade agreements
    • Dominant position
    • Unfair competition
    • Legal assistance in sanction and disciplinary proceedings